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    The Emory Clinic
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    Atlanta, GA, 30308
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    TEC OTO - Audiology 1365
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    Regular Full-Time
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    Standard Hours
    40 Hours
  • Description

    The Audiology Assistant's responsibility is to assist the audiologists in caring for patients with hearing loss and the care of their hearing aid(s). The Audiology Assistant determines the degree of hearing aid repairs needed to help patients. It is his/her responsibility to assist the audiology manager in assuring the practice meets organizational goals and provides high quality care and service to all patients and customers. After appropriate training and demonstration of competency, the types of services an Audiology Assistant can perform include, but are not limited to: Performs routine maintenance of audiology equipment, such as daily biological checks. Performs hearing screening on a pass/fail basis. Ability to read and interpret basic information displayed on audiogram/audiometric findings, as well as basic hearing aid output information. Ability and proficiency in identification of hearing aid styles, manufacturers, technologies, and parts, as well as hearing aid battery size. Evaluates delivered hearing aid(s) through electroacoustic analyses and verifies that all ordered components are present and that the hearing aid(s) and/or accessories are ready to be issued. Performs in-office hearing aid repair, troubleshooting and/or cleaning. Duties include the evaluation of a hearing aid(s) function and physical fit, changing of batteries, removal of stuck batteries, cleaning of electrical contacts, changing of wax traps, replacing ear mold tubing, and modifications of the physical hearing aid shape. Determines when it is necessary to have hearing aid(s) sent back to the manufacturer for repair. Completes basic paperwork such as hearing aid repair forms, hearing aid sales forms, hearing aid warranty information, basic SOAP notes in Emory electronic medical record (EeMR) related only to a patient's hearing aids. Tracks hearing aid orders and communicates with vendors to ensure hearing instruments are received. When is determined that a hearing aid will be delayed, s/he proactively makes appropriate phone contacts to resolve the issue. Instructs patients regarding everyday use and care of the hearing aids, including proper insertion/removal of the aids, insertion/removal of the batteries, proper cleaning and maintenance regimen, adjusting the hearing aids, telephone usage, and various accessories and assistive listening devices. Monitors and manages clinic supplies and stock hearing aids, batteries, ALDs, ear mold orders. Prepares patients for electrophysiologic and/or balance testing. Provides patient with information on hearing conservation strategies and orientation to basic care and use of hearing aids and assistive listening devices. Assists the audiologist in testing. Maintains accurate records regarding duties performed or assists the audiologist in record-keeping responsibilities. Assists the audiologist in different aspects of clinical research, such as data entry, etc. Performs routine administrative support functions to assist other personnel in the completion of duties. Monitors and maintains an adequate supply of materials to meet clinic needs.

    MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: Ability to understand and follow detailed oral and written instructions and to maintain records and charts. High school diploma or equivalent. Candidates must have a Certificate of Completion as an Audiology Assistant from a program approved by the Board of Examiners of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology and be licensed by the state of Georgia. Two years (60 credit hours or 90 quarter hours) of college education and/or an Associate's Degree from an accredited college. External: Familiarity with the basic anatomy of the ear, including major structures, as viewed via otoscopic examination. Ability to recognize common problems seen through otoscopy, such as cerumen impaction, etc., and the need for appropriate physician referral. Basic knowledge of and ability to carry out standard office protocol for infection control. Upon hire, the candidate must successfully complete a minimum of 40 hours of supervised training approved by the Georgia Board of Speech Language Pathology & Audiology. This training period must occur within 30 days of hire. Also, upon hire, the candidate must complete a minimum of 10 hours of continuing education per biennium.

    PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: (Medium): 20-50 lbs; 0-33% of the work day (occasionally); 11-25 lbs, 34-66% of the workday (frequently); 01-10 lbs, 67-100% of the workday (constantly); Lifting 50 lbs max; Carrying of objects up to 25 lbs; Occasional to frequent standing & walking; Occasional sitting; Frequent close eye work and fine manual dexterity (computers, typing, reading, writing, examining, modifying, repairing hearing aids); Physical demands may vary depending on assigned work area and work tasks.

    ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS: Factors affecting environment conditions may vary depending on the assigned work area and tasks. Environmental exposures include, but are not limited to: Blood-borne pathogen exposure; Bio-hazardous waste; Chemicals/gases/fumes/vapors; Communicable diseases; Electrical shock; Floor Surfaces; Hot/Cold Temperatures; Indoor/Outdoor conditions; Latex; Lighting; Patient care/handling injuries; Radiation; Use of personal protective equipment, including respirators, environmental conditions may vary depending on assigned work area and work tasks.

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